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What is the Best Way to Buy Wine?

If you were to keep a tally of how many bottles of wine you’ve bought that you did not enjoy, do you think you’d be annoyed? There has to be a better way to buy wine that doesn’t leave you trying to decide if you can suffer through the bottle or if you’d rather pour it down the drain.

The problem when it comes to choosing wine is that everyone’s taste palette is different. You may pick up on the subtle peppery undertones as it reads on the label, but someone else might not. You may very well think that hints of citrus are not there, but your spouse might notice them.  So, how can you possibly be assured of getting a wine you enjoy by just looking at the label?

A better way, in fact the only way, to be assured you’re taking home a bottle you love is to only buy wine where you can sample your different options first. By going to a winery that has a specialized selection of high quality wines and allows you to have samples before you buy wine, you will not have to read the labels. You might also find that you like something that has a description you probably never would have bought.

When you want to stop playing Russian roulette when you buy wine, consider coming to Cabo Winery in Concord, North Carolina. Not only do we offer about 35 exquisite wines, but our staff will provide you with samples so you can be sure you love what you are going to take home. Stop worrying about what is on the label and start concentrating on what is inside instead.


By: Cabo Winery

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