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The Art Of Cleaning Wine Glasses Properly : Beginners Guide to Clean Wine Glass


We do know that sipping the right wine in the right glass is important. Good quality wine glasses are expensive because they are made out of crystal/blown glass which is more porous than regular glass.

Having invested good money on buying the best wines and then on buying the right glasses for each kind of wine, it makes good sense that we maintain them properly.

So, the next most important thing that we need to be aware about is art of cleaning the wine glasses. If these are not cleaned properly, they will surely leave permanent stains on the wine glasses. Here are a few tips that will help wine beginners learn the art of cleaning wine glasses

Washing the wine glasses


Always use an odour free detergent to wash wine glasses. The porous crystal glass tends to absorb even delicate detergent odours which will ruin the taste of the wine!

Refrain from the temptation of using a dishwasher to clean the wine glasses. Soaking the glasses in the dishwasher and the detergent used in dishwashers is sure to ruin the crystal glasses.

Remember to stack these glasses in a way that ensures free circulation of air. If they are stacked too close together, there is a risk of chipping and cracking the glasses.

Cleaning them manually – yep – by hand in warm, soapy water is the best way to maintain our stemware! Fine crystal stemware needs to be cleaned slowly and gently to prevent breakages.

We need to handle the rim with care as it is the most delicate area of the wine glass. Scrubbing the outer part of the bowl gently to remove any fingerprint marks or lipstick stains is necessary before we give the glasses a final rinse in clean water to remove all traces of the detergent.

Avoid air drying. Don’t drain them on the draining board too. Hand drying all the wine glasses that we have just cleaned and rinsed is the most efficient way of preventing water marks.

Does dealing with the wine glasses after an all night party seem like an ordeal? Just soak them in warm water for the rest of the evening. This will prevent the wine from evaporating and also ensure that no water marks or stains form on the glasses till we start cleaning them the next day!

Soaking the glasses in hot water and vinegar or using a little lemon juice or baking soda will remove any stubborn stains that have formed on the glasses. (Red wines usually leave behind stubborn stains)

Refrain from scrubbing the wine glasses because this will only ruin the smooth finish of the glasses and give it a dull look. More such stains tend to develop on these rough patches.

Using a small sized soft bottle brush is ideal to clean wine glasses that are very narrow (flutes). They are available in most stores.

Storing the wine glasses


Wine glasses should ideally be kept in an upright position. Most people prefer to store them upside down to give it some stability and prevent any dust or surrounding odors from permeating into the glasses. They are of course partially right.

But storing them right side up will prevent cracking and chipping the glasses.

Unless space is a constraint, refrain from boxing the wine glasses. Wine racks and wine cabinets are ideal options for storing expensive crystal ware.

Boxing them and putting them away is convenient for most people but there is a high likelihood of the glasses absorbing the odours of the storage area which may ruin the taste of the wine.

Using wine racks is a good idea because there is enough room for each glass to be stored properly. We can display our glasses attractively and minimize the risk of chipping and cracking the glasses.

We need to remember to use all the wine glasses by turns. This will ensure that all the glasses have the same sparkle and shine when we use them the next time.

Preparing the wine glasses

No matter how well we have cleaned the glasses or stored them, there is a good chance that dust or other odours have permeated through the wine glasses

Rinsing them with clean odour free and chemical free water before using them should normally be fine.

The old fashioned method of cleaning the glasses with a little wine that we plan to serve is perhaps one of the best ways of preparing the drinks. This ensures that no flavours or odours have been added to the drinks before serving them..

Hmmm… beginners may have started wondering if tasting this heady nectar is worth all this effort of cleaning and storing the glasses properly. Or perhaps after they have experienced the sheer sublime experience of wine – they have realized that such a beautiful personality deserves to be taken care of properly! Wine demands attention. Wine craves for our attention.

Wine loves all the attention it gets. But wine also helps us unwind and de stress. Wine helps us relax. Wine helps us to forge bonds with total strangers. Wine is heavy, and that is why we all love it so much that we don’t mind taking good care of it! It’s time to celebrate the spirit of wine!J!!


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