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A grape for a bread


Bread and wine are a well-known duo to everybody. Pairing bread and wine is more complex than some would imagine. Think of pairing cheese with wine, to pair wine with bread it helps if you choose according to your tastes.

Here are some options of bread and wine you can try before starting to experience your own alternatives:

Champagne and Brioche bread:

Brioche bread is known for its soft texture on the palate and crispy crust, while champagne is famous due to its bubbles. As for the flavours, sweet and sour of bread are balanced with the acidity of champagne, and if you want you can add to your bread some salmon.

Pinot Grigio and Baguette:

Baguettes are known for their delicate flavour and this allows to match it perfectly with a white wine. To accompany a baguette, you can add soft flavour cheese, and so raise the bet.

Rosé wine and Focaccia:

Focaccia is a bread of soft texture on the palate and strong flavour, You can well pair it with a rosé wine of sour taste, served cold.

Pinot Noir and rye bread:

Rye bread is well known for its bitter and strong taste, as well as its hard crust, while Pinot Noir has strong fruit flavours and notes of chocolate, making it a good choice to pair.

Riesling and sweet bread with fruit:

If you like sweet, you will surely enjoy candied bread, and to accompany it you can try a chilled Riesling, as it also has sweet notes that make it ideal to pair with desserts.


By Uvinum’s blog