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8 Wine Trends to Watch For in 2017


Wine Trend Predictions for 2017

Cannonau will boom.

“Health-miracle” Cannonau di Sardegna [aka Grenache] will renew its growth in demand and availability (Wine-Searcher data shows consistent, stable 50% growth over the past couple of years). Health fashion isn’t going away any time soon, and wine sure as hell isn’t going to get any less interesting. Cannonau hits the sweet spot at the intersection between the two. It’s like guilt-free wine. Perfect!

Riesling will tank.

Like a surfer in the doldrums, the darling grape has missed its wave. W-S data shows that Riesling has had it chances; several waves of interest between 2011 – 2015. But this has now plateaued, and you only get so many chances. It’s not you Riesling, it’s us.

Donald drives diversity.

Trump politics will stimulate diversification in U.S. wine production. Wine-loving Americans will remain keen to learn and taste new styles in 2017… Savvy U.S. wine producers won’t miss the opportunity to step in and satisfy this thirst with their own homegrown versions.

Box wine done right.

Someone will really nail box wine in 2017, and not before time. The box has proven its worth as a wine container, and innovation is healthy(ish) in the wine trade. We’ll be drinking boxed Cannonau before we know it.


By: Madeline Puckette

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