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6 Wines You Can Drink Right From The Can


We know you like wine. How about the convenience of cans? Well, great news!


The closest thing to wine in a can used to be a Bud Light Grape-Ahh-Rita. But canned wines have been creeping into liquor stores this summer as one of the newest alcohol trends. Which is great because now you can have wine at the pool without some dork yelling at you about “no glass at the pool.”

Because we’re classy, we searched for as many canned wines as we could find (braving the embarrassment of asking “Where do you keep your finest canned wines?”) and tried them to find the best one. You’re welcome.

Pampelonne Rosé Lime


I like that this says “premium wine product” right on the can. It also says it’s “crafted with fine French wine.” Where in France? What wines? Don’t know and don’t care. Because this was one of my favorite canned wines. It’s not too sweet, has a subtle flavor, and is lightly sparkling. Like a gentle lime alcohol breeze. (????) It wasn’t gross and only has 7 grams of sugar.


At first I was like “does this take like a fart?” but then I liked it. I appreciate how vague they are about the fine French wine they use in this, keeps the mystery. I’d drink about ten of these and pass out at your next pool party.

Barefoot Spritzers


The Barefoot Spritzers were the cheapest canned wine at less than $2 per can. The red tastes kind of like sangria. It has that old wine/left-out-overnight taste a lot of grocery store wines have, which isn’t necessarily bad. The flavor is screaming, “This is wine! Or is it?” I didn’t hate it. It’s gross in a good way.

The white smells REALLY weird, but doesn’t taste like much.


The red one tasted like cranberry juice so maybe this is good for getting buzzed while kicking that UTI. The white one actively smells like the foot that’s imprinted on the can but I guess I can’t say they didn’t warn me.

Underwood Rosé and Pinot Gris


These are huge cans of wine. Each one is like two glasses of wine. The rosé is decent. Not too sweet. Not disgusting.

The pinot gris is light and crisp. It’s definitely one of my favorites.


YES, GIVE ME ALL THE UNDERWOOD CANS. This is dangerous because of how much they give you. I really liked the rosé and think it’d be perfect for a camping trip, beach trip, or just riding the subway.

I don’t really like pinot gris in general so all I can really say is that it tasted like other, non canned pinot gris that I also did not like.

The Drop Rosé


I really wanted to like this wine because it has a lobster on the can. But it tasted watery, almost like nothing. It ranks a solid “meh.”


I get that that lobster broke a wine opener but I first thought it was a hammer in one of his claws and I can’t get it out of my head. Anyways, this wine was just fine. If someone had these at a party, I’d drink it but I wouldn’t seek it out.

Sofia Blanc de Blanc


This was one of the first ever canned wines. The packaging is adorable and seems like something your American Girl doll would enjoy drinking. It’s a sweet sparkling wine. This one ranks high for me, mostly because it doesn’t have a weird aftertaste.


I’ve had this before and remember not liking it but you know what they say, tragedy + time = pretty good canned wine. I liked it a lot and the bendy straw once again is a plus.

Babe Rosé


This one was the worst. It tasted like metal and wheat, which is not really what I’m looking for in a rosé. It was supposed to be sparkling but I couldn’t really detect the bubbles.


It’s wine in a can like this that makes wine store employees roll their eyes at you when you ask for canned wine. It was really syrupy which drowned out any bubbles. It takes a lot for me to say no to wine and this one did it. Nice job, Babe.

The Winners


It was a tough decision to place these three but we did it. Pampelonne came in first because it 1. tasted great and 2. embodied everything you’d want in a canned wine (ie fun and refreshing!).