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6 Of the Best Matches for Spaghetti Bolognese


Given the arguments about how to make a bolognese sauce it’s hardly surprising there should be a difference of opinion about what to drink with spaghetti bolognese but here’s what I would go for:

  • A medium-bodied Italian red such as an inexpensive Chianti, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo or a simple Sicilian red. It’s the acidity in Italian reds that makes them so refreshing
  • Italian grape varieties such as barbera and sangiovese made elsewhere
  • Inexpensive Languedoc or Roussillon reds
  • Always good with tomato-based pasta sauces
  • A dry Italian white like Verdicchio. Surprised? Well, if the sauce is made with white wine or includes milk likeAnna Del Conte’s raguthen you’ll find it will work perfectly well
  • A Belgian-style blonde ale or an amber ale. Maybe another surprise but if you use beer rather than wine to make it and include bacon and a little smoked pimenton for a smoky note you’ll find it’s a terrific pairing

Note: obviously this applies to other pasta served with a bolognese sauce. It’s the sauce you match not the pasta shape.



your suggestions are always very interesting and usefull.
I agree with you when you indicate Verdicchio that is one of the most full bodied white wines of Italy.
I can suggest some whites such as Friulano from COLLIO or COLLI ORIENTALI DEL FRIULI, macereted on the skins that pair very well a bolognese sauce or a pair with a TERRANO from Carso a red with medium body and a great acidity.

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