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6 Of the best matches for fish and chips


Now that fish and chips can found in every posh fish restaurant, wine has become as popular a pairing as a nice cup of builders’ tea (good though that is). But which one?

  • Sparkling wine is always great with deep-fried foods – Champagne if you’re feeling extravagant, cava if you aren’t (Champagne’s wicked with fish fingers too!) (Or an English sparkling wine, of course as I was tartly reminded on Twitter by an English winemaker. Mea culpa!)
  • A crisp Sauvignon Blanc is always a winner. So are similarly citrussy whites like Rueda, especially if you have a very sharp, punchy tartare sauce with your fish.
  • Smooth dry whites like unoaked Chardonnay (especially Chablis) or Chenin Blanc go particularly well if you’re serving your fish with mushy peas.
  • Dry perry – or cider – but I personally prefer perry (pear cider) with fish as it tastes more like a white wine. Sparkling perry is good too – on the same basis as Champagne.
  • Best bitter or pale ale – depending on what you call it. I’m not sure this isn’t the best pairing of all.
  • Black tea – with milk, of course. Another great British favourite.

Top tip

Chips rarely make much difference to a wine or beer match. Unless you slather them with gravy.



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