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6 of the best drink pairings for avocado toast


Judging by my Instagram feed practically everyone is eating avocado toast at least once a day but what do you drink with it?

If you’re not on Instagram – or one of the 10 million people who has apparently searched for avocado toast on Google* – you may even wonder what it is.

Smashed up avocado on toast – or bread. That’s it.

Well, more or less. There are all sorts of fancy variations but purists like to keep it simple

Fans are as likely to have it for breakfast as they are for lunch or supper so my six pairings include 3 non-alcoholic drinks:

Green tea

Not just a color thing, the slight herbiness of green tea is great with avocado. Better than coffee IMHO. By the way don’t make it with boiling water – that’s why it tastes bitter.

Homemade lemonade or

– if you haven’t got time to make it – lemon and lime Juicy Water. Citrus and avocado is a no-brainer

A Virgin Mary

(in other words a Bloody Mary without booze)

Tomatoes and avo are also great. This looks a good recipe


A well-chilled Belgian-style wheat beer served with a slice of lemon. Much more interesting than lager.

Sauvignon Blanc

Definitely the wine that comes to mind. Great with guac – equally good with avocado toast.

A classic margarita

If you want to pay tribute to avocado’s Mexican origins there can be no better cocktail. Do make it with fresh lime though rather than a Margarita mix

  • Twice as many as fried chicken, would you believe?

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