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5 tricks to make any red wine taste better


Don’t you hate it when you’ve bought an expensive wine and it just doesn’t taste quite as good as you had hoped when you open it? Or perhaps you bought a cheap bottle and you just want to get the most out of it?

The 5 tips below will help you get the most out of any bottle of wine, regardless of the grape variety.

?Mull it

Mulled wine is common drink in Europe and the UK, especially for the holidays. The best part is that you can almost use any type of wine to make it, and it will usually turn out great. There’s nothing quite like the smell of warm mulling spices to get you in the holiday spirit, and all the better if you can turn that bottle that you were about to throw into the trash into something great!

?Blend It

This one might sound a bit odd, but if you’re stuck with a cheap bottle of wine, what do you have to lose? Mixing your cheap bottle of wine with a bottle that is tastier, can make the entire blend taste a lot better. This is an old art form, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. I suggest that first-time blenders should start by mixing wines that are similar in character. For example, start by blending heavy reds with heavy reds. The great news is that you can’t really go wrong, since you’re stuck with a bad bottle of wine already anyway.


Make Sangria

Who doesn’t love Sangria? Take that cheap bottle of wine, throw in some soft fruits, and suddenly you’ve got yourself a drink to die for. There are literally thousands of recipes online on how to make Sangria and the great news is that you can do it with literally any type of wine.

?Chill It

Yes, even your reds when they taste bad. Normally you would drink your reds at room temperature because this is what releases the flavors and aromas. This is the last thing you want with a wine that tastes bad. Throw it in the fridge for a while. The colder the wine, the more it subdues the flavor of the wine, which will make your bad wine more bearable. Who knows, you might actually end up enjoying it…

?Aerate It

The most important tip to make your wine taste better is to let it breathe. The problem is that this usually forces you to pour out the entire bottle, and wait over 30 mins when using a traditional decanter. Who wants to wait that long? Especially when you’re only talking about a cheap bottle of wine. Make no mistake, there are solutions out there that allow you to aerate your wine as-you-pour on a glass-by-glass basis. There are a number of wine aerators on the market that will do this for you.


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