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5 tips on how to open a bottle of wine like a pro


The only two boxes any wine should tick is whether you enjoyed it or not, but most importantly, whether it helps making your life more comfortable after a chaotic day. That said, we won’t want you to be caught off guard at your dinner party, wanting to share that 1995 special edition with your friends, but with no way to get to the liquid!

So, when you must next tackle that oddly shaped cork-screw or a bottle that no-one can make the head or tail of, follow these easy tips to stay everyone’s wine-hero at the party:

  1. Remove the Capsule

With the small knife hidden in the corkscrew, cut the outer shell just below the curve of the neck of the bottle. If you want to be fancy, and impress your guests, hold the knife against your index finger, pointing inward. Then score the foil around the top of the bottle, pinching the bottle between the knife and the thumb. The foil should now be cut below the lip.

If the corkscrew has no knife, it’s okay for you to use that kitchen knife – the result, after all, is the same.

  1. Open that bottle
    Twist the corkscrew right through the center of the cork to the bottom, keeping it straight. It takes about six or seven turns to insert the metal spiral into the best part of the cork

Pull towards you or upwards and slowly remove the cork, ending with that inviting and reassuring ‘pop!’.

  1. Screw Top
    No instructions required other than ‘take it anywhere you go!’
  2. Wipe the Bottle
    Once you’ve removed the cap, you can wipe the bottle with a cloth or paper towel to avoid spillage, and of course, wastage (because every drop counts).
  3. The Fun part:
    Pour and drink!

You may want to decant your wine and let it breath for a while, but we understand if you don’t have the willpower to wait before diving in to that glass – it’s an impossible ask for many, there’s no shame in that.

Bonus Tip

If for some unbeknownst reason you are left with an unfinished bottle of wine, you may ask how long does a bottle of wine really last for? There’s no one answer across all varietals. The first thing to do should you have wine leftover in the bottle is to cork the bottle, and put it in the refrigerator, by doing this, you are limiting the wines exposure to oxygen, heat and light.

A bottle of red or white will then last approximately between two and five days.



By: Nick Hines

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