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5 Best Winter Wines To Keep You Cozy


Great news, Chardonnay lovers – Now is the time to whip out a bottle of oaked Chardonnay. Full-bodied and complex, Chardonnay is known for its ripe fruit notes of melon and pineapple. This time of year, Chardonnay is perfect alongside baked halibut, creamy pasta, and corn chowder.

Wine Butler’s Australian Style Chardonnay is a true reflection of the climate it comes from. Clean, crisp and rich in varietal character, fruit flavours abound. It’s golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours of vanilla, cloves and butterscotch tantalize the palate. Learn More


No surprise here – full-bodied red wines are in season and Cabernet is a popular choice. With dark fruit flavours, mouth-hugging tannins, and a hint of cinnamon, Cabernet pairs well with winter dinners and movie nights. Enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon with short ribs, portobello mushrooms, and lentil soup.

Wine Butler’s Australian Style Cabernet Sauvignon starts with an up-front core of blackberry and dark cherry aromas, followed by suggestions of blueberry, raspberry, cranberry and dried plum. Undertones are of chocolate, almond and exotic spice. Ends with an unmistakable black pepper sensation. Learn More


If you enjoy bold red wines like Cabernet, Malbec should be next on your list. With intense fruit notes of plum and black cherry, silky tannins, and a hint of chocolate, this rich red is perfect in the winter. Malbec pairs well with grilled steak with chimichurri and roasted root veggies.

Wine Butler’s Argentina Style Malbec has a deep rich colour, aroma, and a long finish. Included among its many complexities are vanilla, blackberries and violets. Learn More


Bold and jammy, Shiraz is officially in season. With powerful dark fruit notes and hints of savoury black olive, this smooth red wine is perfect for cozy nights by the fire or alongside dinner. Shiraz pairs well with barbecue, herb-roasted potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms.

Wine Butler’s Australian Style Shiraz has flavours of plums, black berries and black currants that are complimented by a peppery finish which is a result of the addition of toasted oak. Intense berry notes are the trademark of this prized varietal. A hearty deep red, herbaceous wine with a slight fruitiness and overtones of black pepper. It is a savoury treat. Learn More


When it comes to winter wines, a wine from a cool-climate region like Germany certainly fits the bill. Riesling is popular for its notes of bright citrus and tart green apple. Ranging from bone-dry to sweet, this light-bodied white wine pairs well with winter favourites like sausage, mashed potatoes, and spicy curries.

Try Wine Butler’s Washington Style Late Harvest Riesling. The mature Riesling grapes from Cherry Hill Vineyard in Washington provide the foundation for this luscious wine. A concentration of tastes and natural sweetness that make late-picked wines so special. Notes of honey, apple and apricot dominate the aroma and taste, right through the long, rich finish. Displays much of the complexity of an Ice Wine, but with less sweetness. Learn More