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4 good wines to pair with fish pie


Assuming it’s made conventionally with a white sauce and mashed potato topping fish pie is a relatively straightforward dish to match but some wines work better than others.

In general smooth dry white wines work best. I would emphasize dry though – I personally don’t want peach, pineapple or tropical fruit flavours with my fish – not with this traditional dish, at least.

Here are some examples:

  • Unoaked or lightly oaked Chardonnay

Chablis being the classic example. A very sound, crowd-pleasing pairing. With a richer, more luxurious pie containing salmon, scallops or added cream or with a pie with a pastry lid you could go for a slightly richer style of white burgundy or other cool climate Chardonnay but don’t overdo the oak

  • Chenin Blanc

works much in the same way as Chardonnay. Again a more minerally style works better than a fruity one in my opinion

  • Blanc de Blancs champagne or sparkling Chardonnay

same reasoning – with a few bubbles. I’d suggest a non-vintage wine rather than a vintage one. Keep it fresh.

  • Soave, Gavi and other smooth dry Italian whites

but not Pinot Grigio which is a bit lightweight for a creamy sauce and mash



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