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21 wine slushies to remember summer

Here are the recipes for 21 delicious wine slushies, enjoy!


  1. Rosé Slushie

Erin McGinn / via

Made with oodles of sparkling pink wine, as well as rose and elderflower lemonade. It’s a floral, sparkling delight! Recipe here.

  1. Orange Peach Mimosa Slushies


Climbing Grier Mountain / via

It’s perfect. It’s the perfect mimosa. Recipe here.

  1. Pink Champagne and Pomegranate Granita


Made By Mary / via

PINK SPARKLY WINE IS THE BEST SPARKLY WINE. *ahem*. This is the kind of treat that is both grown-up but also appeals to your inner 8-year-old princess. Recipe here.

  1. Blueberry Cream Slushie


Hungry Couple NYC / via

The best way to get your super food antioxidant hit is by adding white wine and vanilla ice cream. Fact. Recipe here.

  1. Sauternes and Lemon Honey Granita


Williams Sonoma / via

Honey and lemon is a classic combo that can only be made better by copious amounts of wine. Get the recipe.

  1. Watermelon Slush


Love Grows wild / via

Frozen white wine and watermelon slushie perfection. They have a peach recipe here too. Recipe here.

  1. Sangria Granita


Sugar and Charm / via

The only way to have sangria this summer. Recipe here.

  1. Summer Fruit Wine Slush


Modern Mommy hood / via

Strawberries, cherries, and an angel’s kiss in spring, this summer fruit wine slush is probably made from all these things. Get the recipe.

  1. Red Wine Slush


Celebration Generation / via

Sophisticated AND fun. Get the recipe.

  1. Frozen Peach Bellini


Damn Delicious / via

Frozen peaches, mango nectar, and Prosecco or champagne are all you need to make this classy frozen treat. Get the recipe.

  1. Triple Berry Wine Slushie


Real House Moms / via

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and sweet, sweet wine. FYI, you can have this as an alcoholic smoothie if you can’t wait for it to freeze. Get the recipe.

  1. White Wine Granita


Saveur / via

This lovely Granita recipes combines white wine (they recommend chardonnay) with apple juice. Get the recipe.

  1. Raspberry Red Wine Slushie


Maebells / via

Topped with chocolate whipped cream. Raspberry + chocolate + wine = frozen drink of dreams. Get the recipe.

  1. Riesling Strawberry Slushies


With Style and Grace Blog / via

Strawberry lime goodness. Oh, and a lot of Riesling too. Recipe here.

  1. Red Wine and Orange Granita


William Sonoma / via

Tastes like summer in a glass. Get the recipe.

  1. Moscato Slush


Jordan’s Onion / via

One for the sweet tooth’s. Recipe here.

  1. Pinot Slush


Daily Appetite / via

The Grand Marnier in here is what makes this something special. Recipe here.

  1. Mixed Berry Wine Slushie


Dessert for Two / via

Mixed frozen red berries and pink zinfandel, yes please. Get the recipe.

  1. Peach Sangria Granita


Sugar Spun Run / via

Peach just makes everything better. As does wine. Get the recipe.

  1. Strawberry Peach Wine Slushie


Hungry Happens / via

Sub with raspberries for boozy Peach Melba in a glass! Recipe here.

  1. Strawberry Moscato Slush


Baking a Moment / via

You can make a jug to share, or a jug for yourself. I know which one I’m doing. Recipehere.



By: Emma Cooke, BuzzFeed Staff, UK