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21 Wine Racks You Can Get on Etsy Right Now


Every wine lover could use a wine rack. It’s a great place to showcase your style, your taste, and your vino. Some may find it tricky to keep the rack stocked at the same pace as they drink, but these unique racks may just be an inspiration to keep the shelves full.

French Riddling Rack, 28 Bottles

Twenty-eight bottles of wine on the wall…this rack lets you store the wine you love so much and lets you do it in style. Even full of Yellow Tail, this rack takes your bland wall and transforms it into a jaw-dropping piece of art.


Personalized Name Wine Rack

Nothing brings a family closer together than a bottle of wine. Lucky for you, this custom wine rack gives you the chance to showcase your family’s name (or maybe you’re favorite GOT house).


Quote Wine Rack

This wine rack features the words “May your glass always be half full;” a mantra we can all agree with.


Butterfly Style Wine Rack

Not all racks are bound to the wall, and this one is a perfect blend of contemporary styling and homey feel. Plus, you can get it made with mahogany.


12 Bottle High Rack

Edgy enough to make you do a double take, this wine rack lets the bottles do all of the talking with its minimal design. Just make sure you hang it where you can reach the top.


Concave Wine Rack

Made from barrels straight from Napa, the concave design shows the vino-stained wood for all to see. While it’s one of the more expensive racks on the list, it’s stunning.


9 Bottle Wine Rack

While we aren’t crazy over the fact that this rack only holds nine bottles (we guess we’ll just have to buy more than one) this rack’s metal bars are strong enough to support the wine you love, but also aren’t too attention grabbing–allowing the wine to display front and center.


Burled Wood Wine Rack

The amazing thing about this rack is how the wood naturally is shaped like a cluster of grapes. If that isn’t a tree fulfilling its destiny then we don’t know what is.


Industrial Pipe Rack

Straight out of your friend’s loft in Brooklyn, the pipes that make up this rack will definitely show the world that you aren’t one to follow the mainstream. Wood wine racks were so yesterday.


Chalkboard Rack

Perfect for those who are looking to give a little insight on the wine they showcase, this rack has a little spot of chalkboard for your artistic pleasure. Also a perfect spot to write, “Don’t touch my wine.”



Cube Storage Rack

Everybody loves geometric design. The wine cube combines geometry and wine in perfect harmony.


70’s Minimal Wine Rack

It’s not every day you see a transparent wine rack–especially one that looks like it just came off the set of “Valley of the Dolls.” Perfect for those seeking a vintage touch for their home bar.


Farmhouse Wine rack

Not only is this the most Pinterest wine rack on the list, it comes in thirty different colors. Pairs well with painted mason jars and string lights.


Canvas Wine Rack

If you’re thinking that there’s a serious lacking of fabric on these wine racks, look no further. This rack holds your bottles like a baby’s cradle and also features customizable tags. We like the store’s suggestion of “Drink. Drank. Drunk.”


Bronze Mesh Rack

The aesthetics of this wine rack scream “I’m classy but I like to have a good time.” How can we say no?


Steampunk Wine Rack

Steampunk is a sci-fi genre that has been dripping into pop culture more and more each day. Thankfully, we can now show off our wine in steampunk style.


Penny Farthing Wine Rack

The penny farthing was actually the first machine to be called a bicycle. A must for the cyclist in your life.


Illuminated Wine Rack

Buyer beware, this rack is not for the faint of heart. Vibrant as can be, this rack will definitely set the mood for your evening of drinking.


Film Reel Wine Rack

Made from antique film reels, you can’t have a home theater without this wine rack. We’ll take one with the black base please.


Chevron Wine Rack

No matter what everyone says, chevron is still in. While it’s more of a wine display than a rack (only three bottles??) the sustainable walnut complements the white accents perfectly. Your wine will thank you for keeping it in such a beautiful spot.


Wine-O-Saur Rack

Dinosaurs. Do we really need to say more?