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11 Holiday Wine Pairings

1. Smoked salmon + champagne or sauvignon blanc

Champagne is the more festive pairing but Sauvignon is the better match, in preference.

2. Oysters + Chablis

A French tradition so a French wine. Muscadet and Picpoul de Pinet, both from oyster producing areas are also good options.

3. Duck (or chicken) liver parfait + pinot gris

You could even go for Sauternes or a similar sweet Bordeaux.

4. Seafood cocktail + Riesling

An off-dry riesling from, say, Washington State or New Zealand.

5. Roast turkey + Rhone reds such as Chateauneuf du Pape

There are many other options but it’s hard to beat this one.

6. Christmas ham + bright fruity reds such as shiraz or Beaujolais

The sweeter the glaze, the riper and fruitier the wine you need.

7. Goose + Barolo or Chianti

Whites like spätlese riesling work too, but most people would expect a red.

8. Duck + Pinot Noir

Always works.

9. Roast beef + Cabernet Sauvignon, red Bordeaux

Or, to tell the truth, almost any medium to full-bodied red you enjoy.

10. Roast pork + Côtes du Rhône

Or, if you prefer a white and it’s served with apple sauce , German or Alsace riesling.

11. Baked salmon + white burgundy

Salmon and chardonnay is always a winner.


Originally by: Fiona Beckett

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