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10 Creative Ways to Reuse your Empty Wine Bottles


Here are 10 easy and beautiful ways to recycle those leftover wine bottles you never had to uncork because of Coravin.

Light It Up and Make It An LED Lamp

There’s no doubt this home decor sets the mood in any room. Choose a bottle, from green, to gold, to blue, and you can change any atmosphere! All you’ll need to do is cut off the bottom of your wine bottle to insert your LED lights. Wondering how you’ll do that? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Quick heads up, there’s fire involved, so please use caution.

First, you’ll need to soak a piece of yarn in nail polish remover and wrap it around the base of the bottle where you’ll want to cut it. Next, tie the yarn and light it with a lighter. Let it burn all the way around the bottle for about 10-15 seconds, then immediately dip it into a bowl of cold water. The glass will split and you’ll have a perfect cut every time you use this technique.

Finally, to complete the craft, fill the bottle through the opening with your LED lights. You should be able to fit all the lights in the bottle with the electric plug cord sticking out to plug it into an outlet nearby. Once that step is complete, you can decorate and position your beautiful new bottle(s) however and wherever you’d like!

Make It Everyone’s Favorite Thing and Turn It Into a Candy Dispenser!


Let’s call this one adult candy…it’s in a wine bottle after all, isn’t it? Simply pull out the cork of your old wine bottle, wash it out, pour the candy inside, and label it with a creative and catchy name. Set it out on the kitchen table for everyone to enjoy or keep it in your closet as a secret stash to have all for yourself later. 😉

Transform Your Empty Bottle Into a Winter Wonderland!


Winter is coming! And the living room needs a little touch of snow. For this project all you’ll need is your empty wine bottle, some white spray paint, Epsom salt, and spray adhesive glue. The steps are as easy as one, two, three. Spray paint your bottle(s) white and make sure to let them dry. Then, spray your bottles with some adhesive glue and drown it in some Epsom salt. Bam! Instant frosty feel. You can elevate this home design by adding a small candle nearby.

Make It Fancy By Making Some Gilded Bottles


Gilded glass bottles are fit for the finest of dining, but when incorporated into everyday dining they can literally bring something special to the table. Pure gold on glass can be quite costly, but we found a neat and easy way to make it accessible for everyone. Make them with candy wrappers! Just purchase some gold foil from your local crafts store, (they are about two dollars for a stack of 30 wrappers), cut themto the size or shape you want, add some glue, and voilà! The perfect gilded bottle ready to serve all your favorite drinks.

Make Lasting Memories With a Signed Souvenir Bottle


Trade in that traditional guest book for a signed wine bottle! Spray paint your bottle with a color of your choice, let it dry, and set it up with permanent markers, ready for all those wonderful memories. You can also add an artistic touch by designing it to the theme of the event. For example, white for a wedding, pink or blue for a baby shower; the options are endless. Now you’ve got an instant souvenir for a fun and creative way to remember your event!

Turn Your Wine Bottle Into a Soap Dispenser


Talk about different. You won’t find a soap dispenser like this in stores. In order to revamp your bottle, make sure to wash it out and remove any labels you’d rather not get wet while washing dishes later. Then, add soap and attach a soap dispenser nozzle to the opening of the bottle. You might want to test out the nozzle and the bottle to make sure you’ve got the best fit. Once that step is done, you can be proud of yourself because you just took your soap game to the next level!

Get Artsy and Make a Wind Chime!


Now this one might take a little extra work, but the result will be amazing! Here are the steps: Chop right through the middle of the bottle horizontally (see our ‘how to’ on cutting wine glass in idea #1) and run a small metal chain through the bottle openings. Add some metal rings in between each bottle top to create some space between each glass piece. Once you’ve looped your pieces together hang them up outside somewhere where the wind will blow and allow them to clink together. You’ll have a neat work of art and sweet music for your ears.

The All Time Favorite: A Vase!


A single wine bottle can always turn into a beautiful glass vase. It fits and compliments almost any flower! To really make it your own, try spray painting the bottle using different stencils to create some intricate designs. Or, if you’d rather keep things simple, decorate it by just adding some ribbons and/or strings to really tie the look together. A bonus tip: try mix and matching the color of the paint and/or the ribbons to the petals of the flowers, if you choose to group a few decorated bottles together.

Who Doesn’t Love a Cool DIY Outdoor Lantern?


This modern day outdoor lantern gives any backyard lounging area a little more “pizazz”. Don’t think you can make it? Think again! First things first, you’ll need to cut off the bottom of your bottle. See idea #1 for instructions. Next, you’ll need about two feet of a slim chain to fit through your bottle. With that chain, you’ll want to cut off two equally sized short pieces that will attach to the candle on the inside of your bottle. This short chain should be a little shorter than the “body” length of your bottle. Make sure to leave the left over piece of the chain long enough to be as long as, or longrer than, the full length of your now cut wine bottle.You should now have three chains, two short ones, of equal length, and one long bottle length chain. Attach these three chains together with a metal keychain ring. Set those aside and pull out your candle (in a glass) and some wire. You’ll need wire long enough to wrap around the candle horizontally. Loop the wire through the ends of the two short pieces of chain, wrap the wire with the chains around the candle, and tie it firmly. Once you’ve wrapped and secured the metal wiring around your candle, pull the longest piece of chain through the neck of the bottle and secure the loose end with a small hook to hang your up new lantern. With just a few extra piece of metal you’ve changed a bottle from oh.. to woah!

Last But Not Least, The Legendary Candelabra


This effortlessly gorgeous piece is a no-brainer. To get the look grab any empty wine bottle and insert a long candle through the opening of the bottle. Light it up and watch your art do all the work. The melting drips of wax will create that natural, organic feel that will give off that carefree, laid back vibe. Here’s a tip for maximum originality. Purposely pairing various candle colors to perfectly compliment the wine glass tints is a wonderful way to adjust the style of the candelabra to match any season or occasion. You can try red candles and green bottles for the holidays, or some yellow, pink, and mint green


By: Stephanie Almeida

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