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The Carbon Footprint Of A Glass Bottle


When the working day is over, when you sit in a restaurant or relax at home with your partner or a friend by your side, deep in good conversation, when you start to enjoy life and when you open a delicious bottle of Spanish red wine – have you ever thought about its impact on the climate?

Interestingly, the carbon footprint of a bottle of wine, which equals 1,2144 kg of carbon dioxide, includes a 39% contribution from the glass bottle alone! The biggest slice of the wine’s impact is not its transport. It is the packaging. The grape production, or shall we say the wine making process’s most essential part, contributes only 32%, whereas the most influential carbon emission comes from the packaging. Almost half of the total product carbon footprint – 46%! – derives from the packaging. Which material exactly? The packaging parts consist, among others, of 4% for the cork, and of 85% for the glass.

Save the Planet, Drink Wine!? Wine Butler believes in minimizing our impact on the environment in all our business practices. When you make wine with us, we sterilize and reuse your bottles over and over. Winemaking Mississauga & Toronto has never been easier!