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These Are the Wines You Need to Pair With Your Girl Scout Cookies

Now that most of you have acquired your stash of Girl Scout Cookies, it’s time to get smart about consuming your annual allotment. And while some people would recommend you pace yourself, we’re only advocating for a different beverage pairing. This year, ditch that childish glass of milk for some grown-up juice: wine.

Napa Valley wine grower and SheKnows Expert Paula Moulton recently made a bunch of pairing recommendations for some classic Girl Scout Cookies as well as the new ones. They’re all illustrated and explained in this infographic, which even provides some helpful price points. Turns out that much like Gruyere, Thin Mints crave a good Pinot Noir. Check out the rest of the pairings below (but note that, contrary to the coloring, Rieslings are not red):


By: Kristin Hunt

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