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Wine and Food in Portugal: Portuguese Food Is as Good as Its Wine


If you are in the Douro region, everyone will talk about the great Douro wines (which they are!) and the wine tasting tours in wonderful vineyards (which is obviously a must-do!). But even if you are visiting Douro for the wine and the landscapes, there is one thing you need to know about Douro: Its food is as good as its wine and Douro is home to some of the best restaurants in Portugal.

Portuguese food recreated by the Chef at Quinta do Portal

The restaurant at Quinta do Portal offers different menus of regional flavours reinvented by the hands of Chef Milton Ferreira. His team is characterized by the variety of flavours and textures beautifully balanced, the vibrant colours and the use of fresh high quality products, served with the best Quinta do portal wines.


An Ancient Railroad Company Warehouse Turned into a Wine Restaurant and Bar at Castas & Pratos

Castas e Pratos

is one of the best restaurants in Douro. It is located in a historic environment in the old warehouses of the Portuguese Railways, in Peso da Régua and was luxuriously renovated to offer its guest the best gastronomic experience in the Douro Region. The award winning restaurants offers tasting menus of Portuguese cuisine with a touch of modernity by Chef Tiago Moutinho. The Restaurant provides a wine list covering the best Portuguese wines with will be paired with each dish of the tasting menu.


Regional Portuguese Food with a Stunning View at Conceitus Winery Restaurant

Conceitus Winery Restaurant

at Quinta Nova is a praise to the local Portuguese food and the preservation of the regional resources. At Conceitus, the tasting menus appeals to the senses and emotions, guided by the inspiration of Chef José Pinto. There are multiple tasting menus available from three to five dishes, all paired with wine tastings of the best wines in the region. Enjoy a wonderful meal overlooking Douro River at Conceitus Winery Restaurant.


As you can see, wine and food in Portugal go hand in hand and even if you are in Douro for the wine, your experience will never be complete without a tasting menu. See all of our suggestions for a tasting menu in Douro and taste the best of the Portuguese food and wine.
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