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Wine And Caviar


The caviar. Luxury product par excellence, it is a dream today, many gourmet and fine gourmets. Eclairage on surprising agreements, or simply classic …

C onfidential, full of personality, flavorful and tasty, it remains a dish that can be put off. But the slightest opportunity becomes a unique chance, to see for yourself, the extraordinary finesse of this delicacy so refined and rare. Lighting on this agreement.


arious kinds of caviar exist. From sturgeon eggs, such as sevruga, osciètre and beluga. The Caspian Sea and the Black Sea are home to the famous sturgeon.

The e caviar has a strong taste, iodized, certainly, but a rare aftertaste. The bitterness is traced back to the saline notes, to others sometimes more gentle. This brings to this dish a real refinement, and a delight for the taste buds.

éguster caviar is opening the doors of wonderful sensations, and also special. Thus, sturgeon eggs, are not appreciated by everyone.



t is common knowledge to accompany caviar, usually with vodka. In order to show some openness, I will dare to reveal some vodka marks, which seem to appreciate the company of caviar, or rather, the vodka that his majesty the caviar accepts at his table.

E vitons, although I greatly appreciate the brand Bison, very aromatic, better to favor a pure called vodka or dry.

A hus, Stolichnaya Russian, it has a grain of high purity, it will disappear in favor of caviar.

The  wiborowa, Polish, is reputed to be more spicy, complex.

But  there are in France, distilled in Cognac, a vodka, becoming famous also for its high purity, which can claim to enhance and accompany the caviar: the Grey Goose.

A  note, in recent months, the appearance of a new Swiss Vodka,  Xellent , I’ll have to talk to you a little later. There are many other vodkas, but I do not want to dwell on the subject either, I must admit.



while vodka tends to anesthetize the taste buds, Champagne instead, will tickle the highlight, to prepare them for the tidal wave of flavors that offer their caviar.

The idea is to offer a Champagne winey, bold and complex. Where the bubble is present only to accompany a wine, all of greasy vétu. En sum, offering a bottle of opulence, notes of brioche and toasted, tart tips to balance the Champagne and fine bubbles and elegant. Especially revealing saline persistence, very long, and salivating.

acquesson, “S” Lounge, the Wine Bar Dom Perignon, Krug, Pol Roger, Bollinger, well Egly Ourie to name a few. Great lords among some others. Not to mention the remarkable winemakers of the Other Champagne. (See link at the end of the article).

A  Vin de Champagne, Caviar lord finesse, elegance, exclusivity Beluga caviar will take under his wing these remarkable champagnes.

Experience completed at the end of 2014

U n of my clients wanted to offer his close friends a unique moment around a meal. He had opted for Osetra caviar from Petrossian, and rare Champagne Oenothèque of Dom Pérignon 1996 Vintage, which has a longer breeding Dom Perignon, disgorged in 2008. Its price is actually two times more expensive than Dom Perignon classic, but there is no comparison possible.

T out in fineness, caviar offered its salt, deep notes, but she had something very air. The Champagne Oenothèque had a stunning nose of grilled tones (pralin, hazelnuts), responding to the tips of undergrowth, humus, vegetation, and acidulous fruits. The mouth, ravishing, was articulated around thin bubbles, which gave place to a dazzling finale, saline, stretched to wish, full of brilliance. What race, what class. An infinite length. The agreement was capitalized, so much the caviar and this Chmpagne managed to agree without one took over, the score was magnificently played.



Here , the choice is very wide, so diversity is immense in terms of wines to offer. The condition that seems to me essential, in the first place is to propose a wine well tended by a freshness at the end of the mouth, which would allow the wine a mouth end sufficiently persistent.

S i wines of the Nantes region, are renowned for their passion and acidity perlantes, choose a mineral Muscadet, and some bones. By searching well, you will find something to delight you.

The e basement sedimentary Chablis, gives the wines of this region a particular mineral, ranging from floral spikes, and saline tones, shells … associated with a nice freshness, wines will be cohesion with caviar.

S years forget why an old wine from the Riesling grape variety, which, weathered by time offfrira complexity and verve, minerality and persistence …


By: Emmanuel Delmas

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