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What is a virtual wine tasting?


What could be finer than a good time with fine wine and the good company of family and friends? Actually, there is not much more that could trump a moment in time that included the aforementioned, however a virtual wine tasting [VWT] may be just the thing to add depth and volumes to your social setting. Yes. You have read correctly, virtual wine tastings are now in session and are adding flavor to scores of social settings.

Perhaps it’s been noted that friends think of you as a local aristocrat of sorts because of your refined style and taste – don’t let them down, inquire about a virtual wine tasting today and start creating your next social invite list. Hosting a VWT is a great way to fire up your social life. It’s also a great way to increase your winery knowledge and pamper your pallet – all without leaving your home.

Where ever will the wine come from? Wine makers, retailers and lovers have thought of everything for you over the last few years and have created & executed a concept called “virtual wine tasting.” When I first heard of the term I thought to myself, ‘I do this all of the time while status updating on social media,’ – on the contrary VWT is a much tastier experience than that. Believe it or not, a virtual wine tasting usually comes complete with an online log in process that opens up to a portal experience that includes a live or pre-recorded broadcast of a tour guide assisting you through process. In optimum (luckier situations) you may even catch an interview broadcast with the vintner. This particular interaction always yields the tastiest information. Once you’ve signed up for or have been selected to participate in a virtual wine tasting, the winery will mail the bottles to you in advance.


Since virtual wine tasting is fairly new in concept they aren’t yet widespread, but with the fruitful growth of last year’s harvest, experts suggest things are changing. The grape is not new to evolution just to the virtual public. Virtual wine tasting is a full bodied experience – once you’ve received your wine products in the mail, it’s time to pair them with the suggested food ideas that were sent to you prior to the tasting date to accessorize the experience.

The coolest thing about virtual wine tasting is that you can participate in it simultaneously with friends from all around the world as long as they sign up for the very same date and time of experience in advance. The tasting will unfold via your computer screen. The addition of using social media and your video cameras are an integral part of the experience as well. Imagine laughing over a few glasses of great wine with a friend or a family member that you haven’t seen in years because of the distance factor. Virtual wine tasting makes ‘having a glass a wine with a friend,’ an easy and tasteful conquer. It’s a great way to remove distant barriers and you won’t need a cab ride to get home.


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