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You Can Now Buy Wine Ice Cream And It’s Amazing

I scream, you scream, we all scream for … wine ice cream? Umm, yes, wine ice cream is an actual thing that exists and if you’re not excited right now, you should be because there has never been a more perfect combination of two of your favorite things. Mercer’s Dairy happens to be the genius behind this delightfully … Continue reading You Can Now Buy Wine Ice Cream And It’s Amazing


The BEST homemade white chocolate liqueur! It’s surprisingly easy to make and tastes deliciously creamy with extra white chocolate flavor, without being too sweet. It’s got the perfect balance of booze and a thick, creamy consistency. Heaps better than store-bought and makes a great edible gift for the holidays! INGREDIENTS 3 oz good quality white chocolate ¼ cup cream … Continue reading WHITE CHOCOLATE LIQUEUR

Three Ingredient Pink Party Punch

This Three Ingredient Pink Party Punch comes together in less than five minutes and is CRAZY delicious!! It is the best party punch recipe that will become your ultimate summer party cocktail! Ingredients 12 ounces frozen pink lemonade concentrate (just the concentrate) 2 liters diet squirt soda 2 cups gin (or vodka) lemon wedges for serving (optional) Instructions Combine all of the ingredients in … Continue reading Three Ingredient Pink Party Punch

Egg Fried Rice

A super quick meal, using egg for protein and frozen veggies for convenience. To make shrimp/prawn or chicken fried rice, just add it in with the onion. Tip: Keep bags of cooked rice in the freezer, see notes – handy for quick meals! See notes for scaling recipe up and using skillet instead of wok, and for … Continue reading Egg Fried Rice

Museum Tavern

Museum Tavern is a stately new dining room that combines all the charm and nostalgia of a classic New York styled bar with a menu of old faves refreshed in their execution. Co-owners and brothers Kyle and Glen Kristenbrun have deep roots in the Toronto restaurant scene – their father opened the El Mocombo and Bistro 99 0, amongst … Continue reading Museum Tavern

Apple Dumplings

If the apples aren’t cold when you wrap them, the dough won’t adhere, so make sure to put them in the fridge before you start on the dough for this apple dumplings recipe. For added texture and more fall flavors, stuff 1 Tbsp. cranberries, raisins, or pecans into the space where the apple cores used … Continue reading Apple Dumplings